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"Designed to be worn from the gym to the golf course, as well as for everyday activities around the home, perfect for those with a busy lifestyle."

Fact_ Activewear is an independently funded and operated sportswear brand based out of California. Its mission is to create the most versatile, functional and affordable activewear products for people on the go, with a first-class range of clothes and accessories catering to multiple sports and lifestyle activities – be it running, CrossFit, golf or travel. Designed to be worn from the gym to the golf course, as well as for everyday activities around the home, Fact_Activewear eliminates the need for multiple outfits throughout the day, perfect for those with a busy lifestyle.

​Fact_ Founder and California-born family man Scott Mayers launched Fact_Activewear after spending nearly a decade working for adidas, and Reebok in their US-based headquarters and Vietnam factories, developing some of the best activewear and footwear products in the world. Through doing so, Scott created strong relationships with top quality manufacturers that work with the biggest activewear brands in the industry. This combination of industry experience, strong rapports with the world’s best manufacturers, together with Scott’s bona fide love of the active lifestyle brings you Fact_ - Functional Activewear Catered To ___ you___. What sets Fact_ apart from other activewear brands is its pocket functionality: each pair of shorts or bottoms comes with a smartphone pocket built into the waistband and secure valuables pocket, ideal for storing cash, credit card, keys and more (our CrossFit customers rave about the valuables pocket for their wedding rings during a WoD).


Fact_is a small independently owned business with a simple goal: to grow organically while manufacturing the ultimate range of multi-purpose activewear. Become part of the Fact_ family today, and be rewarded with comfort and style as you move from one activity to the next.


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Fact_ Founder Scott Mayers is a family man, entrepreneur and sports enthusiast. Growing up in Southern California he played every sport under the sun – from baseball to soccer, golf, surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding. Now in his 30's, he finds himself very active in CrossFit, cycling, running, golf, tennis, softball and surfing, among other activities. Aside from maintaining a high level of interest in sports, he also enjoys traveling the world with his wife and daughter and taking time to focus on his family’s health and wellbeing. Scott has created the perfect apparel for his extremely active lifestyle, which is why he knows it will be perfect for you, too.


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